Meet Leah (Founder of Source Code)


Meet Leah (Founder and Owner of Source Code Essentials).  

I am the product of non-traditional American parents, was born in Canada, but we moved to the Fiji Islands when I was an infant, and we then moved to New Zealand when I was 13. My family still resides there, but I left New Zealand to travel and ended up settling in the US with my husband, Mike.

My life experiences have given me a unique perspective on holistic care and treatment. In Fiji, our family farm was deep in the jungle without access to modern facilities or medicine. Illness is common in the tropics and my mother was forced to rely on natural remedies for treating injuries and illness.

Transitioning to New Zealand further evolved my perspective on the medical model, as they prescribe to a very natural, low-intervention, holistic approach. Being very health conscious, I was shocked when I diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis autoimmune disorder after our daughter’s birth at the age of 40.

I was told that I also needed a biopsy due to a particularly enlarged nodule and immediately sought out natural solutions. I started using essential oils for thyroid support topically during the two weeks leading up to my biopsy appointment and when I went in for my appointment, they ran the scan again, and told me that a biopsy was no longer necessary as the nodule had shrunk.

I began working with a naturopath, who guided me to a gluten free diet, then gluten and dairy free, followed by dairy and grain free. While these protocols slowed my rate of antibody increase quarter over quarter, my antibody count continued to slowly rise.

I started taking CBD sublingually at 5mg twice daily, and my antibody count stopped increasing. I increased the dose to 10mg twice daily and my antibody count started to decline, and my thyroid production regained normal levels.

I have since further increased my evening dose to around 20-30mg and enjoy much higher sleep quality than I have in years. My antibody count has remained stable at around 90 over the last five years, which indicates I still HAVE the disease, but it remains in remission.

My experience with CBD has compelled me to educate others to the powerful healing properties of this natural supplement, and ultimately led me to opening my own cottage industry business making CBD more financially accessible to others who need it.

CBD supplementation supports our endocannabinoid system which regulates our physiological and psychological processes. CBD specifically addresses autoimmune issues by modulating the immune system, decreasing general inflammation, and supporting the digestive system.

I continue to live a symptom-free life without medication or dietary restrictions and continue to spread the wonders of CBD as widely as I can.


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