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Chronic pain or severe depression can take hold of your life, making it impossible to enjoy the activities you once loved. If you suffer from a debilitating condition, you know that it can be hard to find treatment that really works. At Alpenglow Pain & Wellness in Anchorage, Alaska, Dr. Nichelle C. Renk offers a new solution. Ketamine is a promising treatment for chronic pain, severe depression, and more. Learn about its benefits and find out if it could be right for you by requesting a consultation online or by phone today.


What is ketamine?

Ketamine is a type of drug used for its anesthetic effects. It was first used in the 1960s as an anesthesia medicine, but today is used for a number of chronic health issues. When used in low doses and under expert medical care, it can help relieve chronic pain and a variety of other symptoms.

Ketamine delivers relaxing and pain-relieving effects because it temporarily and selectively interrupts pain signals to the brain. Its mechanism of action is the interaction with specific chemical receptors in your brain, blocking pain signals and helping you feel better. 

It’s a dissociative anesthetic, which can make you feel detached from your surroundings. Another drug with similar effects is nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, which is commonly used in sedation dentistry to make patients more relaxed.

What conditions can ketamine help manage?

Ketamine is sometimes used in surgical settings as general anesthesia. Dr. Renk offers low-dose ketamine infusions to help patients manage a variety of conditions.

Ketamine can improve symptoms associated with:

  • Chronic pain
  • Chronic headache or migraine
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Severe depression

Pain conditions like chronic migraines or fibromyalgia can be eased with ketamine because it dulls pain signals sent to your brain. For people with severe treatment-resistant depression, ketamine is a promising option to improve the condition.

Talk to Dr. Renk to learn more about your treatment options for chronic pain or depression. Every individual is unique and she can help you decide if ketamine therapy is right for you.

How does ketamine therapy work?

Dr. Renk provides ketamine infusions for patients seeking relief from severe pain or depression. She works with you to determine a treatment plan, including infusion frequency and dosage, that’s right for you.

When you come to the office for ketamine therapy, Dr. Renk inserts a small needle into a vein for your infusion. An infusion is an IV drip that delivers ketamine directly to your bloodstream for maximum effect. Getting an IV typically isn’t painful, and you’ll rest comfortably in a chair or on a table during your infusion.

Ketamine should only be used under close medical guidance. It’s also known as a party drug that’s easily abused and should be used with caution. If it’s used outside approved limits, it can become addictive.

If you’re suffering from severe depression or an ongoing pain condition like fibromyalgia, ketamine infusions could help improve your quality of life. Learn more by booking a consultation with Dr. Renk online or over the phone today.

*Individual results may vary