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Low And Mid Back Pain Specialist

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Back pain can greatly interfere with your daily life and functioning. In Anchorage, Alaska, experienced physician Nichelle C. Renk is board-certified in anesthesiology and interventional pain management and provides an effective range of treatments to relieve and manage chronic and acute back pain. From lifestyle modifications to platelet-rich plasma therapy, Dr. Renk spends time with you to find the best course of treatment. Call the office to schedule your appointment.

Low and Mid-back Pain Q & A

What are the causes of back pain?

Back pain is one of the leading causes of missed work and disability worldwide. The many causes of back pain are associated with inflammation of the joints and surrounding ligaments and muscles. Most adults experience back pain at least once in their lifetimes.

Other causes for low and mid back pain include:

  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Poor posture
  • A fracture, break, or injury
  • Pregnancy
  • Obesity
  • Sciatica
  • Disc degeneration

Back pain that appears suddenly and lasts no more than six weeks is called acute pain. Chronic back pain lasts approximately three months or more.

You might also experience muscle aches, shooting or stabbing pain, pain radiating down your leg, and pain that improves with reclining. Your pain might worsen with standing, walking, lifting, or bending.

What are the risk factors for mid- and low-back pain?

Aging, insufficient exercise, obesity, and improper lifting are risk factors that can increase your chance of developing low- or mid-back pain. Psychological conditions like depression and anxiety and chronically high levels of stress hormones might also play a role.

Smoking tobacco products is also a risk factor, because it slows healing, reduces blood flow to the lower spine, and prevents your body from delivering a sufficient amount of nutrients to the discs in your back.

What are the treatments for back pain?

Dr. Renk uses a variety of testing and imaging methods to determine the cause of your back pain. Once she reaches a diagnosis, Dr. Renk might recommend one or more of the following treatments as part of your healing plan:

  • Lifestyle modifications
  • Physical therapy
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Braces and other devices
  • Pain psychology
  • Acupuncture and other forms of effective alternative medicine
  • Spinal cord stimulation and cooled radiofrequency treatment
  • Limited use of medications

Dr. Renk helps you to choose the appropriate approach to alleviate your pain, and she begins your treatment plan with natural, non-surgical, and non-pharmaceutical approaches.

If back pain is getting in the way of your happiness, visit Dr. Renk. Call to book your personal consultation.