Help for Your Acute Migraine Headaches

Recurring migraine headaches impact every part of your life, from the days you lose to debilitating symptoms to the suddenly abandoned plans that have to make way for pain, nausea, and light sensitivity.

Migraines differ from regular headaches and pose a chronic problem for many adults. Chronic migraines occur when you suffer from at least 15 migraine days each month.  Episodic migraines are defined as fewer than 15 migraines per month.  Commonly episodic migraines transform into chronic migraines over time.

At Alpenglow Pain & Wellness of Anchorage, Alaska, board-certified interventional pain management physician Nichelle C. Renk, MD, can diagnose your migraines and work with you on a treatment plan to tame your symptoms and keep them under control.

Here’s what Dr. Renk wants you to know about the treatment options available for chronic migraine headaches.

Identifying migraine headaches

Today’s doctors and researchers are still learning about the underlying causes of chronic migraine headaches. Your symptoms of aura, increased light sensitivity, nausea and vomiting, and intense, localized pain, often on one side of your head, may be related to changes in your brainstem and trigeminal nerve. 

Imbalances in your neurotransmitters, including the pain regulator serotonin, may also be related to chronic migraines.

Migraine headaches typically come in multiple stages, with distinct prodrome, headache, and postdrome phases. 

Many patients have certain triggers that bring on migraines. Common migraine triggers include specific foods and food additives, beverages especially wine, stress, sleep issues, and physical exertion. Hormonal changes and certain medications can also make you more prone to migraines.

Treating your migraines

Acute migraines can leave you trapped in bed, unable to eat, read, work, or maintain your normal life activities. With Dr. Renk and Alpenglow staff’s help, you can reclaim your life from your chronic migraine pain.

Migraines are a complex condition, and they have to be treated with a comprehensive approach. Once Dr. Renk has diagnosed your migraines, she can get started working with you on your personalized treatment plan. You could benefit from treatments and therapies including:

For severe migraine exacerbations, we have a new Acute Pain Service in which we can get you in same-day on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays for evaluation and consideration of the above treatments to get you relief quickly.

If you’re suffering from an abrupt migraine, have symptoms including weakness, numbness, mental confusion, double vision, or seizures, or if you’ve recently sustained a head injury, get emergency treatment right away.

For help getting acute migraines out of your life, get in touch with Dr. Renk at Alpenglow Pain & Wellness today. You can send her a message on our website to book your initial consultation, or give us a call now to schedule.

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