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I'm Ready to Start a Journey to Wellness: Where Do I Begin?

I'm Ready to Start a Journey to Wellness: Where Do I Begin?

As a new year starts, many people’s minds turn to assessing health and wellness. Are you healthy? Are you operating at optimum wellness? And, looking ahead, are you setting yourself up for years of continued good health and wellness?

This time of self-reflection and self-assessment can do a lot for your overall wellness. Consulting with an expert helps you get the most out of your resolution to start this journey now. 

You might have good intentions but be unsure where to start in giving your physical and mental health the support you know you need.

Board-certified interventional pain management and wellness specialist Dr. Nichelle Renk offers expert care at Alpenglow Pain & Wellness in Anchorage, Alaska. If you’re ready to start your wellness journey but aren’t sure what steps you should take, get in touch with Dr. Renk.

Learn more about your options and how to achieve your health and wellness goals.

Attending to wellness basics: the big three

Often, wellness comes down to basic physical and mental self-care, practiced regularly. Dr. Renk helps you put together a plan to address the “big three” of wellness: diet, exercise, and sleep.

Your diet must provide your body with all of the vitamins and nutrients you need to stay healthy. Ideally, your diet doesn’t include too much sugar, refined carbohydrates, preservatives, sodium, and other ingredients that can harm your health. 

Dr. Renk provides nutritional counseling and dietary supplementation to keep your body healthy and strong.

Staying active on a regular basis benefits your wellness in many ways. Regular exercise improves both physical and mental health! You may need to consider unique factors when putting together your exercise plan, such as a pain condition or repetitive stress issues.

The quality of your sleep also makes a big difference when it comes to your wellness levels. Do you procrastinate before going to bed, or struggle with insomnia? Sleep issues take a greater toll on you than you might realize.

Assessing your health and wellness

For Dr. Renk to design the best plan to improve your health and wellness, you have to accurately assess your current condition. She reviews your family and medical history with you, identifying problem symptoms or areas where you could work on your health.

You might need to target and improve such issues as:

For some individuals, issues preventing wellness dovetail in ways that mean you need expert advice. 

For instance, if you’re living with a chronic pain condition, finding ways to exercise without causing pain flare-ups can prevent challenges. Or food sensitivities may make achieving complete nutrition difficult for you.

Partnering with an experienced professional like Dr. Renk lets you start your wellness journey right, increasing your odds of overall success. If you’re ready to take your health and wellness more seriously in 2024, contact Dr. Renk at Alpenglow Pain & Wellness today. 

Call to schedule your initial consultation or book online today.

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