The Differences Between OMT, Massage Therapy, and Chiropractic Care

The Differences Between OMT, Massage Therapy, and Chiropractic Care

Manual therapies involve the therapeutic use of hands to treat issues in your musculoskeletal system. At Alpenglow Pain & Wellness of Anchorage, Alaska, Dr. Mary Beth Calor, and our two massage therapists offer multiple types of manual therapy that can help with back pain, neck pain, leg pain, and more.

The Alpenglow Pain & Wellness team, under the leadership of founder Dr. Nichelle C. Renk, treats new and existing patients with interventional pain management care needs. We may recommend manual therapies on their own or as complimentary parts of a larger treatment plan. Here’s what you need to know about our manual therapy offerings.

Osteopathic manipulative therapy (OMT)

With OMT, Dr. Calor uses her hands to manipulate, stretch, and shift your joints and muscles. OMT combines therapeutic touch, soft tissue, and joint mobilization, viscera mobilization, and even therapeutic exercise for a unique approach to your physical care and treatment needs.

Dr. Calor and the Alpenglow Pain & Wellness team use OMT to diagnose and treat various conditions. OMT allows Dr. Calor to find areas of restriction and tension in your body that need to be adjusted to optimize your biomechanics.

OMT works effectively for chronic pain patients. Dr. Calor may recommend OMT if you suffer from low back pain, headaches, musculoskeletal problems, or COPD. OMT also has preventive uses for some patients.

You don’t have to worry about any risks with OMT, and any post-treatment stiffness should fade within a day or so after your treatment session. OMT is a comprehensive form of manual therapy that considers all the components of your body into consideration for a complete understanding of your condition.

Massage therapy

Massage therapy is all about working with the soft tissues of your body. In massage therapy treatment, Dr. Calor or your massage therapist support healing and regeneration with the power of touch.

Massage therapy is an effective treatment option for patients who need relief from muscle pain, overuse, and physical stress. Massage therapy compliments many other types of treatment, including physical therapy, bringing the benefits of touch to your recovery routine. You won’t need any downtime for recovery after massage therapy treatment.

Chiropractic care

With chiropractic care, your treatment is all about your spine. Chiropractic care involves addressing misalignments in your spinal column that could be causing or contributing to biomechanical problems, including pinched nerves and reduced or limited range of motion.

Chiropractic care may be right for you if you suffer from headaches, upper back pain, mid-back or low back pain, or TMJ issues. Chiropractic care may also focus on the top of your spine, where your brain stem connects to your spinal column, ensuring that this connection is unobstructed and fully functioning.

Which type of manual therapy is right for you?

The power of touch is well-documented in scientific studies. Dr. Renk, Dr. Calor, and the Alpenglow Pain & Wellness team include manual therapies like OMT, therapeutic massage, and chiropractic care in the treatment plans of many of our patients.

To learn more about the best approach for improving your health and wellness, get in touch with the team at Alpenglow Pain & Wellness. Our approach to interventional pain medicine takes your whole body, and unique treatment needs into account for long-term and whole-self healing.

Schedule your initial consultation appointment at Alpenglow Pain & Wellness today. Call now to book or request your appointment online with our easy-to-use scheduling tool.

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